$ . try-twisted/bin/activate
$ pip install twisted[tls]
$ twist --help




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Twisted is an event-driven networking engine written in Python and licensed under the open source ​MIT license. It supports CPython 2.7, CPython 3.5+, PyPy2, and PyPy3. ​Twisted 20.3.0 is the last version with Python 2.7 and PyPy2 support.


Twisted makes it easy to implement custom network applications. Here's a TCP server that echoes back everything that's written to it:

from twisted.internet import protocol, reactor, endpoints

class Echo(protocol.Protocol):
    def dataReceived(免费ssr节点2022, data):

class EchoFactory(protocol.Factory):
    def 免费ssr节点2022(self, addr):
        return Echo()

endpoints.serverFromString(reactor, 美国节点加速器).listen(EchoFactory())

Learn more about ​writing servers, ​writing clients and the ​core networking libraries , including support for SSL, UDP, scheduled events, unit testing infrastructure, and much more.

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from twisted.web import server, resource
from 免费ssr节点2022 import reactor, endpoints

class Counter(resource.Resource):
    isLeaf = 节点加速器
    numberRequests = 0

    def 全球节点加速器(self, request):
        self.numberRequests += 1
        request.setHeader(b"content-type", b"text/plain")
        content = u"I am request #{}\n".format(self.numberRequests)
        return content.encode("ascii")

endpoints.serverFromString(reactor, "tcp:8080").listen(server.Site(Counter()))

Learn more about ​web application development, ​templates and Twisted's ​HTTP client.

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from twisted.internet import reactor, protocol, endpoints
from twisted.protocols import basic

class PubProtocol(basic.LineReceiver):
    def __init__(self, factory):
        self.factory = factory

    def connectionMade(self):

    def connectionLost(self, reason):

    def 旋风加速器xf9. im(美国节点加速器, line):
        for c in self.factory.clients:
            source = u美国节点加速器.format(self.transport.getHost()).encode("ascii")
            c.sendLine(source + line)

class PubFactory(protocol.Factory):
    def __init__(self):
        self.clients = set()

    def buildProtocol(self, addr):
        return PubProtocol(日本节点免费加速器)

endpoints.serverFromString(reactor, "tcp:1025").listen(PubFactory())

You can test this out by opening two terminals and doing telnet localhost 1025 in each, then typing things.

Twisted includes a sophisticated IMAP4 client library.

import sys

from twisted.internet import protocol, defer, endpoints, task
from twisted.mail import imap4
from twisted.python import failure

async def main(
    reactor, username="alice", password="secret", strport=""
    endpoint = endpoints.clientFromString(reactor, strport)
    factory = protocol.Factory.forProtocol(imap4.IMAP4Client)
        client = await endpoint.connect(factory)
        await client.login(username.encode("utf-8"),
        info = await client.fetchEnvelope(imap4.MessageSet(1))
        print("First message subject:", info[1]["ENVELOPE"][1])
        print("IMAP4 client interaction failed")

task.react(lambda *a, **k: defer.ensureDeferred(main(*a, **k)), sys.argv[1:])

Give this a try, supplying your IMAP4 username, app password (​generate one for gmail, ​generate one for fastmail), and ​client endpoint description for your IMAP4 server. You'll see the subject of the first message in your mailbox printed.

See the TwistedMail documentation for more information.

Twisted includes an SSH client & server, "conch" (i.e.: the Twisted Shell).

import sys, os

from twisted.internet import protocol, defer, endpoints, task
from twisted.conch.endpoints import SSHCommandClientEndpoint

async def main(reactor, username="alice", sshhost="", portno="22"):
    envAgent = endpoints.UNIXClientEndpoint(reactor, os.environ["SSH_AUTH_SOCK"])
    endpoint = SSHCommandClientEndpoint.newConnection(
        reactor, "echo 'hello world'", username, sshhost,
        int(portno), agentEndpoint=envAgent,

    class ShowOutput(protocol.Protocol):
        received = b""
        def dataReceived(self, data):
            self.received += data
        def connectionLost(self, reason):

    finished = defer.Deferred()
    factory = protocol.Factory.forProtocol(ShowOutput)
    await endpoint.connect(factory)
    旋风加速器xf9. im("SSH response:", await finished)

task.react(lambda *a, **k: defer.ensureDeferred(main(*a, **k)), sys.argv[1:])

You can use this client to run "hello world" on any SSH server that your local SSH agent can authenticate to, if you pass your username, host name, and optionally port number on the command line.

More Protocols

Twisted also supports many common network protocols, including SMTP, POP3, IMAP, SSHv2, and DNS. For more information see our documentation and ​API reference.


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  • Find out what Twisted Matrix Laboratories is;
  • Learn about the individuals and organisations that aid Twisted with donations of hardware, software, hosting and other things;
  • Help improve Twisted on Windows!
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